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by 8 O'Clock Buzz

WORTstock 2024 is this Sunday, May 19, and once again Madison Homebrewers and Tasters Guild is sponsoring the beverage selection on tap at the festival. Fred Swanson of the Guild joins host Tony Castañeda of the Thursday edition of the 8 O’Clock Buzz to discuss this year’s lineup of beverages and the state of brewing in the Madison area. There will no less than sixteen beverage selections on tap at any one time at the event, with different options rotating in and out as supplies last. There will be only one new brewery featured this year which reflects the slight downturn in craft beer sales nationwide. So, get over to Warner Park this Sunday, enjoy a beverage or two, and support this most worthwhile fund-raising event with other like-minded community members.

Photo by Amie Johnson on Unsplash

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All Craft On Tap - WORT-FM 89.9 (2024)
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