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  • Living Lavishly After DivorceLLAD (Chapter 10)Not wanting to see those sickening faces again, Shane immediately went to his room and started to clean up all his clothes with trembling hands.Every memory he slowly had to leave behind and then forget. But the hardest thing was facing the fact that the love he once had for Ciara would slowly turn into ruins. He never expected that Ciara had played with the sanctity of their marriage bond.Shane had returned to the living room with a medium-sized suitcase filled with his and Drew's clothes. Without saying anything, he left the Winstone family home.Second after second passed until before he knew it, the day he had spoken to Ciara arrived. The day that Shane never expected to come. Yes, today is the day of his divorce from Ciara Winstone, his wife.Shane had arrived at the registry office first. He sat in the waiting room with a determined expression, waiting for the divorce proceedings with Ciara. When Ciara and Derek showed up a few minutes later, the atmosphere instantly became
  • Living Lavishly After DivorceLLAD (Chapter 9)Shane then told us how he found Drew. Shane, who was still in college at the time, went hiking with his friends and found Drew there in a state of dehydration and almost lost consciousness.Alexa shed her tears while clenching her hands into fists. “Chaterine and Raymond have to pay the price! I can't imagine how scared a three-year-old would be in a cold, dark forest. They really have no heart. They should get what's coming to them.”Shane said to himself, 'Apparently Alexa's life is much more miserable than mine. Even though she's a famous actress and lives with a lot of money. Who would have thought, behind her happy smile in front of the camera, there was a big gaping wound that was quite deep,' “You have to be strong, at least for Drew. He must be happy to see his real sister again.”Alexa smiled in the bitterness of her heart. “Thank you, Shane. My sister and I are so lucky to have met someone like you. With your strength you will be my and Drew's guardian angel. With my fortun
  • Living Lavishly After DivorceLLAD (Chapter 8)Alexa was a little surprised, because it was the same disease that her brother had lost, but she tried to stay calm as she said, “It seems like you really love your brother. I can see how anxious you get whenever you think of him.”“My parents passed away a year ago.” Shane smiled bitterly. “So, I only have him as my family. I love him very much. When I asked for a little brother, God in his kindness brought him into our family life. A three-year-old boy I found in the forest.”“What? So you found him when he was 3 years old? That means he's not your biological brother?” asked Alexa, looking probing.“That's right. He is not my biological brother. But my parents and I love him very much. So what?” Shane looked confused.“What's your brother's name?” asked Alexa, who was increasingly curious about Shane's younger brother.Before Alexa's question could be answered, a nurse approached. “I finally found you here, Mr. Morgan. I've been looking for you. Dr. Gerard has been waiting for you.
  • Living Lavishly After DivorceLLAD (Chapter 7)Alexa looked like she was thinking. “I need a good person who has a sincere heart like you to protect and take care of me.” Alexa's face instantly turned serious. “Especially since you're good at martial arts.”Shane rounded his eyes as he scratched his head. Even Shane was still confused by himself suddenly being able to do martial arts moves.Is he really good at martial arts?Even Shane was still not sure about all that. He had to get back to that bamboo forest dimension to convince himself that it wasn't a dream.Alexa ventured to grasp Shane's hand, then continued to say, “How about we get married?”“What?! Marry you?!” Shane's eyes, which were still staring at Alexa's face, widened.“Don't be afraid, guys. We're just contractually married until I get what's rightfully mine and find my missing brother.” This time Alexa's voice sounded fiery.“You must have your reasons for thinking of contract marriage with me. You can tell me, Alexa.” Shane looked suspiciously at Alexa.“Alright
  • Living Lavishly After DivorceLLAD (Chapter 6)“You'd better come with me. I have something to talk to you about.” Dr. Gerard walked away from the emergency room. Shane immediately followed him to his office.By now Shane was sitting across from Dr. Gerard in his office.“What?! Drew needs to be operated on immediately!” Shane gasped in shock after listening to the doctor's explanation of Drew's condition. All he felt was endless confusion and despair.Doctor Gerard nodded and explained, “His weakened condition is caused by his kidneys that are completely dysfunctional. The long-term treatment he was on could no longer help him. The only way is a kidney transplant operation.”“Then how much will the surgery cost? Where should I look for people who are willing to donate their kidneys to Drew?” Shane threw a few questions at Dr. Gerard.“This hospital has a list of several people who are ready to become donors. We just need to check the level of compatibility. I happen to have found the right donor for your brother,” Dr. Gerard said
  • Living Lavishly After DivorceLLAD (Chapter 5)“No, Drew. You're my top priority. You need help too,” said Shane, who disagreed with his brother's words.Drew, with his pale face, just smiled while shaking his head. The look in the 8-year-old's eyes seemed to say that he wanted Shane to help the poor woman. Shane's mind and heart were at war. In the end, Shane chose to comply with Drew's request.“Promise me that you'll be okay, Drew,” said Shane who was only responded to with a weak nod by Drew.At this time Shane was standing right in front of the woman who covered her face with the mask.A man who had previously surrounded the woman who covered her face with the mask said while pointing at Shane. “Stay out of it, asshole!”Shane glared at the man who spoke harshly to her. The anger that was burning in his body due to the various bitter events he had experienced, made him not accept the snapping voice. No amount of harsh words could shake Shane's resolve.Instantly Shane felt the fire in his chest flare up even more, united wit
  • Living Lavishly After DivorceLLAD (Chapter 4)Somehow, Shane's body could easily avoid the old man's attack. Several fighting moves were made by Shane to ward off the old man's attacks.“Hahaha... good.” The old man laughed loudly while rubbing his white beard. “Apparently your body's natural reflexes are working well. I'll teach you another martial art style.”The white-haired old man taught Shane some martial arts moves, which were transitional moves from basic martial arts to advanced Chinese martial arts.Even more surprisingly, Shane quickly mastered all the moves the white-haired old man taught him.“Who are you?” asked Shane with a look of surprise and confusion on his face as soon as the training was over.Suddenly, his eyes darkened, and...“Get up, asshole!”A kick to Shane's waist by Derek brought Shane to his senses. Before the questions he asked the white-haired old man could be answered, he had already shifted back to reality.'What exactly happened? Is this a dream?'He looked around the place again and found that
  • Living Lavishly After DivorceLLAD (Chapter 3)Shane was still trying to contain his anger that was churning in his chest. He shot a dagger-sharp glare at his mother-in-law.“I'm not your mom! Let alone my son, a filthy carpet like you doesn't even deserve to be my son-in-law.” Helen continued to put Shane down.Erick didn't like Shane's attitude towards his mom. “What do you mean looking at my mom like that? Getting into trouble with my mom, that means you're getting into trouble with me too!”Briel approached her lover. “Teach this trash a lesson, honey.”Not waiting for long, Erick slapped his sister-in-law's face with a hard slap that hit her like a hammer, and cursed, “You really are a rotten bastard! You even dare to offend us, especially my mom. You really are blind and ignorant!”Shane fell down from the hard slap from Erick's hand. His vision fogged up as if he was seeing stars circling above his head.Unable to contain his anger, Shane stood up and grabbed Erick by the collar of his shirt and pulled him down. He threw a
  • Living Lavishly After DivorceLLAD (Chapter 2)Shane was still silent. He felt like he was plunged into an abyss of anxiety. He was still standing in front of Fred, the security guard who worked at the Winstone family home, who had just delivered Mrs. Winstone's message to him.He said to himself. 'My mother-in-law is waiting for me? How did she know that I was coming home? Could it be that she already knows that I've been fired from the company?'Shane still stepped inside, even though a storm of bad thoughts was now raging in his head. The thing he was most worried about was the condition of Drew, his brother.“Welcome, loser.”The 53-year-old Helen Winstone's voice was shrill, welcoming Shane's arrival. By now even Shane was standing in the center of the spacious living room like a palace hall.“Now your level has dropped even further, from loser to unemployed.” Helen smiled sarcastically.Of course it was easy for Helen to know that news, because the owner of the company was someone she knew very well.Shane closed his eyes an
  • Living Lavishly After Divorce PDF & Novel Online by Nuna_nice29 to Read for Free - Urban/Realistic Stories - MegaNovel (2024)


    How long does it take to get over a divorce emotionally? ›

    Individuals may go through several stages of mourning or grief. The emotional intensity of this period usually reaches a peak within the first six months of separation. However, the grieving process may take as long as two years.

    How to move on after divorce as a woman? ›

    9 Ways to Move On After Divorce
    1. Develop Emotional Intelligence.
    2. Join a Support Group.
    3. Focus on Loving Yourself First.
    4. Set Some Goals.
    5. Move Forward as a Single Parent.
    6. Expect to Lose Some Friends.
    7. Join an Online Dating Site.
    8. Buy Yourself Something Nice Every Once in a While.
    Oct 11, 2022

    How to get back on your feet after a divorce? ›

    Life After Divorce: How to Get Back on Your Feet After Splitting...
    1. Let Yourself Mourn. ...
    2. Reconnect With Old Friends and Make New Ones. ...
    3. Get a Handle on Your Finances. ...
    4. Update Your Legal Documents. ...
    5. Reassess Your Retirement and Estate Planning Strategy. ...
    6. Choose a New Hobby. ...
    7. Resources for Newly Divorced Individuals.

    How to be happy after divorce? ›

    9 Self Help Tips to Heal & Find Happiness Following Divorce
    1. Don't ignore how you feel. ...
    2. Remember that change is always difficult. ...
    3. Ask for support from friends and family. ...
    4. Don't keep on providing fuel for your negative emotions. ...
    5. Seek professional help. ...
    6. It is possible to be friends. ...
    7. Remember that you will find happiness again.

    What does divorce do to a man emotionally? ›

    Divorced men often undergo severe emotional turmoil. They may feel angry at one time and sad or depressed the next. They also suffer from regret, loneliness, disappointment, denial, and guilt. Such strong emotions often take a toll on their mental health.

    What is the walk away wife syndrome? ›

    So, what exactly is walkaway wife syndrome? In essence, it refers to wives who become so emotionally disconnected and dissatisfied with their marriages that they eventually decide to leave—often after years of built-up resentment.

    What happens to your body after divorce? ›

    Physical Effects of Divorce on Men

    Due to a weakened immune system, divorced men and women get more colds and cases of flu. Divorced men have significantly higher incidences of cancer and heart disease. Both divorced men and women experience extreme changes in their weight.

    Do you ever fully heal from divorce? ›

    Some women find that their divorce recovery takes years, while others find that they've prepared for divorce so long that within months or weeks they already feel better than they have in years. To those in the latter camp, we say, yes, you may be feeling better.

    How to start over after divorce at 60? ›

    You might consider volunteering at a local animal shelter or participating in clean-up efforts in local parks. For some people, getting more involved in church-related activities may be an option. Meet new people, make new friends, or reconnect with friends you may have lost touch with over the years.

    Does the pain of divorce ever go away? ›

    Does divorce pain ever go away? It may not feel like it now, but eventually, you will move on with your life. In fact, as you make new friends and enter new relationships, you may find yourself in a place where you are actually thankful for your divorce.

    Who fares better after divorce? ›

    Economic quality of life

    Ultimately, the overall economic quality of a man's life, based on earnings and amount spent on living expenses, increases after his divorce. He continues to earn more but bears fewer family expenses. The overall economic quality of a woman's life, post-divorce, decreases.

    How long does it take to stop loving someone after a divorce? ›

    Past studies suggest that it takes a person, on average, eighteen months to move on after divorce, while others simply leave it at “it's complicated.” And that's the truth—divorce is complicated, and because of this, science is only so accurate.

    What are the 4 emotional stages of divorce? ›

    Divorce is a deeply challenging experience, both emotionally and mentally. By understanding the five stages of divorce – Shock & Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance – individuals can gain insight into their own emotional journey.

    How long after divorce do you feel normal? ›

    Generally speaking recovery from divorce takes between six and eighteen months – with some variation. Some experts say it's closer to two years. However, there are many things you can do to ease the pain and feel like you are making progress even in moments when it doesn't feel that way.

    What are the hardest stages of divorce? ›

    The separation period can be the most difficult part of a divorce, filled with tough negotiations and slow-moving processes. Managing emotions, remaining civil to your ex-spouse, and navigating through financial pressures are all critical aspects to consider during this time.

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