The Mech Touch - Chapter 6085 A Bright Prospect Free Read Online (2024)

Chapter 6085 A Bright Prospect

Ves felt both flattered and annoyed that a bigshot like the Mace of Retaliation expressed interest in one of 'his' expert pilots.

Most people who received this kind of request from one of the highest-ranking figures of the Red Association would immediately say yes!

The problem was that Ves did not fall into the category of 'most people'. He felt quite troubled by what this would mean to the clan.

Ves might have a weird perspective on the Red Association, but most Larkinsons still looked up to it as one of the largest and most powerful human organizations.

Joining the Association and becoming a mecher was a dream to most people! Even the Larkinsons were not immune to its allure as they had been yearning to experience an instant leap in class and become a small part of one of the hegemons of human civilization!

What message would it send if Lanie left the Larkinson Clan in disgrace, yet immediately joined the Red Association through a backdoor?

Not only that, but what if the Larkinsons found out that Lanie did not receive the regular treatment afforded to expert pilots recruited from outside, but directly became the latest protege of the powerful Mace of Retaliation?

They would most definitely think that the sentence of the Larkinson High Court had become a joke!

Still, what did it matter if the Larkinsons believed that Lanie failed to suffer the punishment she deserved after turning her arms against a fellow clansman?

Unlike Venerable Taon who could at least justify his attempt at homicide, Venerable Lanie had been convicted of attempted voluntary manslaughter!

Still… when Ves was thinking about the little girl that used to act cute back when she lived at the Larkinson Estate, he couldn't help but feel an obligation to take care of his younger cousin.


Blood ran thicker than water. While the Larkinson Clan recruited so many outsiders that the proportion of trueblood Larkinsons had become ridiculously small, they still enjoyed an identity that was a little bit more special than others.

Adopted Larkinsons such as Gloriana, Joshua, Ketis, and Alexa all differed from the truebloods by the fact that they used to live with other families.

Gloriana originated from the Wodin Dynasty. Joshua used to be an ordinary Brighter. Ketis was already part of a close sisterhood in the form of the Swordmaidens. Alexa came from the powerful Streon Ancient Clan.

Each of them grew up under vastly different circ*mstances that had nothing to do with the Larkinson Family or Larkinson Clan. Even if they got exiled one day, most of them could just return to where they came from and resume their old lives alongside their original friends and family.

Lanie lacked this advantage. Her life literally revolved around the Larkinsons since the moment of her birth. She would truly be bidding farewell to her family once she began her exile.

Ves already considered this to be a heavy punishment. He did not want to prolong her suffering further by making it difficult to realize her potential and find success elsewhere.

Besides, from a practical perspective, the Larkinson Clan stood to make a lot of gains if Lanie joined the Red Association and managed to develop a close relationship with the Mace of Retaliation.

Even if Lanie could no longer be considered a member of the clan, she could not get rid of her bloodline. Her family name alone permanently associated herself to all of the other Larkinsons.

As long as the Mace of Retaliation did a good job and helped the exile grow into a powerful hero and leader in her own right, she might still remember all of the help and favors she received from the Larkinsons and do the clan a favor!

His eyes lit up as he grew more enthused about this possibility. Ves would have to make a bet that would not pay off until a few decades had passed, but he was more than willing to make it as the cost was fairly minor when compared to the massive amount of profit he could earn!

Of course, the most important part about this gambit was that he needed to make sure that he and Lanie parted on good terms.

"I have made a decision." He told the Mace's physical projection. "We should meet with Venerable Lanie in private to present the offer to her. The final decision lies with her. I can't do anything if she refuses."

The two decided to make a late visit to Venerable Lanie's cabin.

The soon-to-be-exiled pilot briefly became bewildered as the physical projection of Ves dropped by again. Shouldn't he be sending her off tomorrow?

Her expression quickly became composed when she noticed the arrival of a powerful and well-dressed ace pilot.

The Saint Kingdom of a peak ace pilot was nothing to slouch at. It was so powerful and reality defying that the Mace of Retaliation was even able to extend it through the communication link to a more powerful degree than usual!

Venerable Lanie's thorny force of will quickly raised its defenses as a response. The expert pilot quietly resisted the vastly more powerful but also more distant willpower of a pilot who had progressed much further up the path of godhood!

"Interesting." The Mace smiled in appreciation. "You are truly as similar to me as I thought."

Although Lanie never really cared about following galactic politics, she was not ignorant to the point where she was unable to recognize one of the most prominent peak ace pilots of red humanity.

Her pride may rankle at the thought, but Lanie forced herself to give in and make a bow. "Saint. You honor me with your presence. To what… do I owe your visit?"

The wheels in her mind already started turning from the moment she detected the willpower of an ace pilot that was much different from that of Saint Tusa.

The similarities between her thorns and his much more mature willpower even allowed her to guess the truth.

"The Mace of Retaliation here has approached me with a very interesting offer in relation to your sudden availability on the job market. Let me explain."

Ves quickly summarized the offer and provided his own thoughts on what it would entail.

The woman looked quite receptive to the idea. She had never dared to imagine that the Red Association would be willing to recruit her directly. To be able to receive the care and attention of a powerful god pilot candidate such as the Mace of Retaliation was an exceedingly valuable privilege!

So long as Lanie made a good impression on the Mace of Retaliation, was it possible for her to earn the appreciation of the Fist of Defiance as well?

The thought sounded sacrilegious, but Lanie couldn't help but get past this idea!

Both Ves and the Mace smiled knowingly as they clearly guessed what was on the young expert pilot's mind.

The woman eventually snapped out of her daze. She made a much more sincere bow towards the projection of the Mace of Retaliation.

"It would be an immense honor for me to receive your guidance and instruction, Saint. I am willing to become a member of the Red Association and fight on behalf of all red humans, not just the Larkinsons. What requirements do I have to meet in order to become your sword?"

The physical projection of the Mace continued to smile in satisfaction. The reports he read indicated that Lanie had become a lot more mentally unstable, but her conduct so far made it clear that she still maintained a lot of reason and decorum. That made everything easier.

"You do not have to pass any tests. You have already proven yourself on many battlefields, including the last one. Expert pilots such as yourself are already qualified soldiers or warriors. What I require from you is to keep up with my exacting demands. Make no mistake. You will not live a life of comfort when you come under my reign. You must be willing to fulfill the missions that I assign to you without question. You will not have the option to refuse any life-threatening assignment that I impose on you. You will remain under my regime until you have grown powerful enough to challenge my authority or transfer to the command of a different leader. Is that understood?"

To her credit, Lanie did not exhibit any sign of doubt or reluctance. "I am eager to prove myself, Saint. Your wish is my command. If there is one lesson that I have learned from my last mission, it is that I will always remain a victim if I am too weak to defeat my enemies, both the ones that are positioned in front as well as behind. As long as I become as strong as you… there will be a lot less enemies who are willing to strike me from either direction."

"What if they strike you regardless?" Ves curiously questioned.

"Then I will make them bleed and suffer tenfold of what they have dished out to me!" Lanie grinned as her willpower briefly flared!

"Bravo!" The Mace of Retaliation clapped. "That is the spirit! No matter how many setbacks you have suffered, you must always maintain your desire to bounce back and make your enemies regret their decision to target you. The greater your desire for vengeance and retribution, the stronger your counterattack. Once you have reached a state of ultimate deterrence, you can evoke so much fear in your enemies that they will already collapse and beg for mercy before you have taken action."

It was clear that Venerable Lanie and the Mace of Retaliation thought along the same wavelength. The two already started to look as if they managed to hit it off. Their philosophies had become so similar that it was as if Lanie had already become a member of the Fist of Defiance's lineage!

There was just one question that Lanie really wanted to ask before she was willing to serve the Mace in an unreserved fashion.

"I have a question, Saint."


"Why exactly are you so willing to spend so much time and effort on instructing me?" She asked. "A powerful ace pilot and leader such as yourself should be as busy as the patriarch here, if not more so. What makes me worth your precious time?"

The Survivalist leader's expression grew a bit more intense as he stared into her eyes. "You are familiar enough with my public record that you should have already guessed the answer."

"Is it… because you no longer think you can survive another breakthrough and wish for me to make up for your inadequacy?"

Ves awkwardly coughed. That was a bit too direct!

Fortunately, the Mace was made out of sterner stuff.

"You can believe that." The two-and-a-half century old ace pilot spoke. "My glory days are already behind me. The Age of Dawn is the stage for upstarts such as yourself. You have already become a hero, but that is not enough. Red humanity needs gods, particularly those that can fight. As incredulous as it may sound, I see the seed of greatness in you. I used to have it myself. You are not the only prospect of the Red Association. Far from it. I have scouted and tutored dozens of promising heroes before you. The only trait that sets you apart from the rest is how similar you are to me. This coincidence is both a gift and curse."

It was easy to understand why that would be a gift, but why was it also a curse?

Venerable Lanie did not have a concrete answer, but that did not stop her from embracing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

She began to kneel and make a solemn pledge. "Whether your instruction is a gift or a curse, I shall bear it either way. I give you my unconditional loyalty. I shall obey your every command without doubt or hesitation. This I vow."

Ves widened his eyes. This was a heavy promise, and one that the Mace of Retaliation could easily abuse if he ever had the desire to betray Lanie's trust!

She had made the biggest bet of her life! It took a huge amount of courage for her to bind her loyalty to a stranger that she only knew by reputation and official sources.

The Mace could completely screw Lanie over by sending her on a suicide mission against an ancient phase whale.

He could also command her to betray the Red Association or even attack the Larkinson Clan!

Lanie had already thrown away the freedom that she stood to gain once she officially began her exile.

Was it worth it? Perhaps. The Mace was clearly a man who was worthy of her trust. Lanie could have picked much more awful personalities to sell her loyalty to. Her extreme act of devotion instantly won the Survivalist leader's trust and appreciation.

The benefits did not stop at this point.

Once Lanie made this solemn pledge, her willpower and aura condensed further. It was as if she had cast aside all of her hesitation by occupying herself with a new fixation!

"It is not necessary for you to bestow me with your loyalty so soon, but I am touched by your gesture." The Mace said in a more welcoming tone than before. "I shall endeavor to prove myself deserving of your allegiance. I believe that this will be the start of a fantastic mentorship."

The Mech Touch - Chapter 6085 A Bright Prospect Free Read Online (2024)
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